My name is Emily Ranucci and I am a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer located in NYC! I was born and raised in Maine where my passion for nutrition and fitness was sparked. Growing up, I was always active in sports and intrigued by the cause and effect of nutrition and differing workout regimens on my performance and body. This interest bloomed in college as I became certified in, and worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I graduated with degrees in Nutrition and Biochemistry from the University of Maine to then make the move to Long Island. I attended Long Island University to begin my masters in Nutrition and complete the dietetic internship to become a Registered Dietitian. This profession paired with personal training excites me every single day. I love sharing, inspiring, motivating and changing other people’s lives for the betterment of health- inside and out!

I hope to use this website as a platform to do just that. I will be creating and sharing tasty, nutritious recipes, posting effective workouts for all levels, and throwing some tips, tricks as well as educational blogs in along the way.


FOOD is our means to nourish our bodies.

Should it be enjoyable and taste good? Absolutely! However, this ultimate and simple fact to nourish is often lost in the midst of misinformation and catchy product advertisement.

This should be approached in a balanced, no-stressmindful manor that includes a variety of food from primarily whole food sources.

I do not believe in taking radical or trendy health measures to reach a goal. I believe in using real food, fun exercise, a little bit of slack, and a motivated mind. That is when goals are met, maintained and surpassed.  

Now, let’s crush some goals!