Workout With Me- FULL workout plan!

Wanna work out with me?? People often ask me “what do you do to for workouts?” So, I’d like to share the plan I have been following!

My soon-to-be- DPT fiancé and I created this full workout plan and we BOTH been following it. YES, girls and guys can do the same workouts! So, gender aside, if you’d like to gain strength and lean muscle mass, give this one a shot.

Read on for a brief outline of the plan. At the end, you will find a FREE download link to the full workouts with descriptions on how to perform the various rep schemes unique to this program.


This program is composed of 2 cycles of a  3 day split: Push, Pull, Legs, with 1 rest day. An Ab circuit and cardio are included on alternating days.


Expect to spend around 1-1.5 hours on each workout. Once you get more familiar with the movements and rep schemes, the time will decrease.

Who should follow the plan?

Those who have some lifting experience will fit the mold for this plan perfectly. The workouts will cover all major muscle groups over the course of one week. Unique styles of sets, such as drop sets and stretch sets are included to work the muscles in a more advanced way.

What about Nutrition?

Nutrition is the key to achieving a certain body composition. Your diet must reflect whatever goal you are striving for (i.e fat loss, muscle gains, strength gains, maintenance, etc). As a Registered Dietitian, this is my expertise, and I love to facilitate the power of nutrition. For this workout program, I did not include a partnered nutrition plan. In the future, look out 🙂 If interested in a nutrition consultation at this time, please feel free to contact me!

Click Here to Download full program!