SEVEN “Non-Workout” Winter Workouts

Getting in a good workout doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym! The winter time supplies some really great opportunities to get out there and sweat a little. Time to turn something that is not-so-popular for many….a.k.a cold outdoors and piles of snow….into a way to say healthy for the holidays! Here are my top 7 ways to get in a “non-workout” winter workout:

Shoveling is chore for many, but can be turned into a very efficient workout. Forget the snow blower, throw some layers on and grab a shovel. Try switching hand holds of the shovel every so often, and squat to get low rather than bending down and risking back injury!


Bring back the childhood memories (or take a child along)! The ride down may be easy, but the heart rate is sure to rise on the march back up the hill.


Snow shoeing is an excellent way to get outdoors and enjoy the winter wonderland. Take along some friends or family, or throw in some headphones and just enjoy some peaceful alone time.


Skating can be a great opportunity to use muscles that aren’t often fired. Between the stabilization required to prevent falling, and the side to side motion, you’ll be sure to burn a few calories while having fun!


Chopping wood is one of the most functional, full body, dynamic movements out there. Trade in the sledge hammer + tire in the gym, for an equal movement that produces material to keep you warm 🙂 Just put on the Rocky Theme Song and get to work!


If you have the choice to walk or drive…walk! When you go to the store…park far! If you have a dog…he or she will love you even more 🙂 Walking is a great way to stay active throughout the day without carving out gym time!


Go big or go home! Seven foot snowman with a significant girth. Between rolling the snow, constructing the body, and moving around in the snow, some calories will definitely be burned!