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EIGHT Healthy Holiday Swaps

During the holidays, it is common to consume foods that aren’t typically in your every day diet. Holiday appetizers, side dishes, meals and treats galore. The good news is that there are healthy food and ingredient swaps that can be used to decrease the calories, and unwanted nutrients. Why not try to control what you prepare with health in mind. […]

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Homemade Fresh Fig Newtons

Shout out to my Mr. FiancĂ© for loving a Fig Newton. As many processed foods out there, it unfortunately is not the most nutrient dense, nor ingredient- friendly product on the shelves. It contains things like refined flours, refined sugars (i.e. HFCS), sulfites, and other preservatives, thickeners and GMO ingredients. I took this as a challenge to make a “healthified,” […]

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Healthy Banana Bread Squares

  Who doesn’t love some fresh homemade banana bread? It is one of those classic delicious baked goods that fills the whole house with warmth and happiness. Many of the traditional recipes you may find, however, likely pack in over a cup of added sugar with refined flour and butter. The recipe you will find here has no added sugar, […]

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